Mobile App Development in India

We build powerful mobile apps that allow our businesses to reach their intended audience much better and retain them without a hitch. We develop three types of mobile applications, which include Android mobile app, iOS mobile app and hybrid mobile app. Our mobile app developers are highly-trained and work considering the specific requirements of a client.

Hybrid App Development:

Hybrid mobile applications are pre-installed apps on the device, just like any reputed app. However, many of you are mistaken to understand it and thinking what is the difference between native and hybrid, and what are the elements of it. However, we at Spur DigiTech has come with easy to understand information so that you can choose the best one for your business development.

Native apps are developed for a specific platform such as Android and iOS. These apps are websites that act or work like an app, however, is not installed on the mobile devices and accessed on the browsers or Internet.

Hybrid apps are written in CSS, HTML, JavaScript and HTML5 like a website. This app runs inside a native container, which uses a device WebView objective. Furthermore, the apps display in the website pages when a user opens it in the desktop and laptop, to convert, the website adapts WebView display. And, the displayed app is opened to purchase funnel or certain parts of the application is opened partially.

In simple language, when a company tries to access mobile hardware features such as camera, accelerometer, and contacts, which the native apps are installed. The app includes native elements of iOS and Android. This allows a user to access the specific features in order to provide a seamless and efficient experience to the user. Hybrid also can perform on the JavaScript.

Key Features of Hybrid in Comparison of Native

Features Native Hybrid
Device Accessibility Full Full (including plugins)
Performance Very High Medium to High
Development of apps Platform CSS and HTML
Language Specific JavaScript
Cross-Platforms Support No Yes
Experience of User High Medium to High
Code Reuse No Yes

Advantage of Hybrid Apps

Hybrid applications provide you a certain number of advantages that make your apps experience wider and beyond.

• Combines user experience with controlled costs and an agile development cycle.

• It avoids the limitations of the Apple application stores: hybrid apps offer you great advantages such as updating, medications in the new version of the app without touching the native code.

• Resource: hybrid apps allow a developer to program the app with HTML, JavaScript and CSS languages so that users can experience the best they use hybrid apps in their mobile devices.

Reusing the codes: hybrid apps code is written once and this allows you to deployed across all the devices and platforms.

Reduces development time and costs: if the code is written once for a hybrid app, then it does not need to write again and this term help developers to reduce cost and time as compared to native application development.

However, if you want to give your audience and buyers the best experience, then you must develop an application with the help of Spur DigiTech experts.

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